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Swagged Out: CFB Bowl Season

    And we back. Swagged out returns for CFB Bowl Season and offers up a quick look at some of the best unis worn in the past 2 weeks. … Continue reading

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Swagged Out – 2014 College Football Week 1

Welcome to another year of Swagged Out. Above, Triston Wade of UTSA starts the season out on a high note with the all right Orange juice. If yall wanna nominate … Continue reading

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Swagged Out – Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Uniforms

Been a while since Chadcad has done a So Synonymous Swagged Out post, so I thought I’d resurrect this feature of the site to talk about the unveiling of the … Continue reading

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Swagged Out: The New Masked Mamba (LBJ)

Kinda joking, but kinda not. Lebron debuted his black carbon fiber face mask last night against the Knicks to protect his broken nose. And as far as masks go in … Continue reading

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Swagged Out – Super Bowl

So very clean. Better late than never, but never late is better. Y’all saw the Superbowl. Y’all saw who was fresh. I’ll quickly remind you. Walter Thurmond won the night. … Continue reading

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Swagged Out – All-Star Game Weekend

Welcome to a special edition of Swagged Out. We’re highlighting the SeniorBowl, the ProBowl, and a bit of the Under Armour High-School All-American Bowl. Above we got some National Champs … Continue reading

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Swagged Out – NFL Championship Playoffs

It’s your weekly dose of NFL freshness. We lead off this week with the clear cut #1. Ya boy Anthony Dixon ┬ájust done killed the game. Dude’s 2 tone bicep … Continue reading

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