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Despite Lebron putting the team on his back, band of scrubs (Cavs) can’t overcome Golden State in Game 5; Warriors Take 3-2 Series Lead (Game 5 Highlights)

I’m with agreement with almost everyone who says that an MVP of a series should not go to a player on the losing team. But if there was any case where it should be the case, this is it … Despite a sub-par performance in Game 4, Lebron’s numbers this series have been astounding … He’s playing with a group of guys that don’t belong anywhere near the Finals … We’ll see if he can come up with some magic on his home floor for Game 6

I have always thought this series has looked ugly from the start. People call it ‘hustle play’ and what not, but the truth of the matter is that these two teams were both playing sloppy basketball… Sometimes when I watch these games I feel as if neither team wants to win – I’m not impressed AT ALL by either of these teams – I give a pass to the Cavs based on their injuries, but in my opinion, Golden State should be kicking themselves if they don’t get the job done against a decimated Cavs squad. I think a team like the Spurs would WIPE THE FLOOR with either of these teams had they not blown it in the first round. But hey, that’s the way the game works… Should be an interesting finale to a great 2015 NBA Season.


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