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New Music: Jay Electronica (Feat. Jay-Z) – Road To Perdition


Here’s a nice collabo to set your morning off right. This song was actually released a few days ago, but the implications of what may come next are just as important (more songs together???) … Anyway, no word on what will happen in the future with these two and if Jay will help play a part in Jay Electronica’s album that has been hyped up for years now (which we may never see), but still worth posting:

As for the song itself, Jay-Z is featured only with ad-libs from his song “Success” with Nas… But it’s good to hear Jay Electronica again – he’s been an underrated talent in my mind, and despite the fact that he doesn’t quite fit in with the mainstream hip-hop scene, there will always be a place for him in niches like this … That being said, this song is pretty hot in my opinion:

Download here
*Note – You may need to jump through a few easy hoops to download the song (follow some twitter account), but the song is legit once you do that – SHouldn’t be a problem)


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