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Swagged Out: CFB Bowl Season



Samajie GrantAnd we back. Swagged out returns for CFB Bowl Season and offers up a quick look at some of the best unis worn in the past 2 weeks. Above, Samaje Grant kilt the club with red socks and white spats. The Cats’ uniforms have looked 100 all year long.



i-1Ezekiel Elliott rocked the popular crop top along with clean gloves as he torched Bama.


i-2Maryland (The Oregon of Under Armor) had crazy cool helmets. Sometimes they try to do to much with the unis, but not in the Foster Farms bowl this season. But the Tree let em know that you don’t have to look good to play good and stomped.

i-3Boise’s orange pops.

iThe ducks all green and matte green helmets were money as they merked FSU.

Jamison CrowderDuke’s black uniforms were my favorite of bowl season. Above, Jamison Crowder hit all the right accessories and had a baller game for the blue devils.

Jeremy LangfordMSU and Jeremy Langford were the freshest of bowl season. Langford added some white spats. Whoa der boy.



Baylor’s gold lids are the real deal. Add that to a yolked Shawn Oakman (6’7 250, and a 6 pack) and you got yourself a swagged out waiting to happen. Oakman became a twitter sensation and internet meme when America noticed his massive stature.


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