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Beast Mode…on the field

Marshawn had another monstrous run this weekend described as the Earthquake Run pt. 2. (Part 1 seen here). Lynch has been in the media for better or worse his whole career. As much as he tries to avoid the press, he can’t quite escape it due to his polarizing play. Through the years he has become one of my favorite players and there is rarely any debate about his on the field excellence. This season Marshawn has been fined 100k for not talking to the media and now only gives comical one word interviews postgame. Due to his reclusive nature many new fans do not understand Lynch and are quick to give him a bad rep. A recent article in MMQB speaks volumes on the kind of person Beast Mode really is. Check it out here (excerpt below):

In Seattle, on Fridays preceding a home game, Lynch plucks a kid from an impoverished background from the city and brings him and his family to the Seahawks’ practice facility. Lynch, who isn’t married and doesn’t have kids, shows his guests around the locker room and introduces them to coaches. He won’t allow the team’s media relations staff to invite a news outlet to witness or write about his interactions with fans.

“He kind of started his own Make a Wish thing,” linebacker Malcolm Smith says.

“He does things outside of the media that no one ever sees,” says linebacker K.J. Wright, “and most guys do it to get on TV. But he does it from the heart. It’s real.”


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