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Fresh Kicks: Lebron 12’s


The Nike Lebron 12s dropped yesterday and will retail for 200 hairs. These look pretty dope as far as Lebron’s go, but the vibrant colorway trend continues and makes these only court wearable IMO. The top colorway and the red/white one will be out on Halloween. I always wonder if Lebrons will be like Jordan’s in 20 years. Ofcourse at that point Jordan’s will be even more coveted. If you are looking to hoop like the king, pick these up. More colorways after the jump.

nike-lebron-12-02 Nike-LeBron-12-51 nike-lebron-12-data-2 nike-lebron-12-dunk-force-1 nike-lebron-12-hummingbird-release-date-summary
nike-lebron-12-trillion-dollar-1 nike-lebron-12


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