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Swagged Out – 2014 College Football Week 1

Triston Wade #7

Welcome to another year of Swagged Out. Above, Triston Wade of UTSA starts the season out on a high note with the all right Orange juice. If yall wanna nominate anybody to be featured on a week of swagged out, post a photo to our FB page. More pics of College Football week 1 after the jump.


Damiere Byrd may not have rocked the one glove all game, but he rocked it during his 50 yd touchdown catch. Baller.

Davonte' Neal #19

Davonte Neal’s wrist game was on point. And he rocked the bands to make em dance.

Dwayne Stanford #88

Oregon always goes in. Dwayne Stanford’s sock game takes the Nike factory up a notch.

Jameis Winston #5

Famous Jameis looking fresh. As is expected with Heisman winners.

Jeremy Johnson #6

Jeremy Johnson swags out the traditional Auburn kits with some nice cleats and dope sleeves

Lavon Coleman (22)

Lavon Coleman and Washington had some clean whites this weekend. But what’s up with the pink mouth guard? It’s not October yet…
Mario Alford (5)

Mario Alford and WV also fresh and clean clean.


The new kid on the block, Kenny Hill took notes from his mentor Johnny Football with this Aggie outfit.

i-3Navy had some sick unis


3 comments on “Swagged Out – 2014 College Football Week 1

  1. levin99

    Yo this series is frickin amazing hope you continue it man. And i though no one else noticed this shit…..


    • chadcad

      Got another Swagged out for this years CFB bowl season. NFL Playoffs will get a Swagged Out each week as well. SS.


  2. gunr9

    do a swagged out on the nfl


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