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2 Cents: Paul George Injury (no injury images)

PG suffered a gruesome injury on Friday night during the USA basketball scrimmage. It was similar to Kevin Ware’s injury last year in the NCAA tournament. Prayers go out to Paul George. He was one of the top 5 biggest stars of the NBA IMO. And has hella potential. Sad day for PG, the Pacers, the NBA, and the fans. My 2 cents on the injury:

  1. The NBA, make that all of college/professional hoops need to move the base of the basket further from the baseline! With how much momentum players have and how high they can jump, almost every penetrating guard runs into/hits the base of the hoop after a drive to the basket. It’s been obvious for years that players are at risk of serious injury due to the hazards that exist out of bounds (photographers, fans, chairs, the hoop!). It’s a shame that one of the NBA’s biggest young stars suffering an injury like this may be the only thing to motivate leagues into taking action.
  2. Just last week, Lebron James (you can’t talk about pro bball without mentioning the king) decided not to participate in this years USA training and a spokesman hinted that he is likely done competing nationally for the rest of his career. James will focus on his offseason with the Cavs and likely did not want to risk injury playing nationally. After PG’s season ending, possibly career altering, injury, don’t be surprised if many other NBA stars follow James’s lead. Teams will likely build clauses into future contracts that forbid stars from competing at the national level. Honestly, it’s a great idea. We are pretty certain that America has the best basketball players on the planet. There are some great players scattered around Europe, but no shot. So Olympic basketball is just an excuse to get USA more medals. Heck why don’t we add Olympic football? Gold. Gold. Gold.

Going to be a rough year(s) for the Pacers. With Lance (Born Ready) Stevenson dealt to Charlotte, Indiana is left with no scorers.


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