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Watch Clips From Drake’s Performance At The ESPY’s

Drizzy Drake went So Synonymous on Wednesday night as host of the annual ESPY Awards … Lot of highlights throughout the night, including notable, heartfelt speeches from Stuart Scott & Michael Sam who both received awards for overcoming their respective obstacles … Drake added as much of a comedic element to the show as he could, but I’m still torn over what I thought of him … I can’t decide whether or not I like him as an entertainer or if I think he’s sort of a tool who’s trying WAY too hard

Tough to judge when it seems like most of the material was written for him … However, if that was the case, you’d think that he wouldn’t be making some of the controversial waves that he did … There were certainly some feathers ruffled when Drake showed a stunned crowd an alternate version of his song “Worst Behavior” entitled “Sterling Never Loved Us,” where he played clips of Sterling’s interview with Anderson Cooper … Line was definitely crossed on that one, and I’m not sure if Drake was really trying to be funny or just shed some more light on Sterling, but it was as awkward a moment as you could get … Besides that, Drake did a solid job… Watch some of highlights:

Here’s his opening monologue – he discusses Lebron, Lance Stephenson, Johnny Football, & more:

Here’s one of the more popular skits from the show with Blake Griffin … Drake carries this skit, Blake can’t act for shit … Cameo from Chris Breezy

Later on, he professed his love for Skylar Diggins on stage and the two shared a kiss on stage … In my opinion, this was one of the more awkward moments of the show and just not funny at all, but you be the judge:

Here’s Drake playing to Floyd Money-Mayweather’s big ego and introducing him to the stage the way “he asked for” … Another ehhh

Probably the standout part of the show where Drake uses his musical ability to get a few laughs from the crowd – starts with a slower song called “Honorable Mention” where he picks on a few members of the crowd and then after he plays a song with Brian McKnight called “Side Pieces,” a song about what you might expect … Both songs were obviously for comedic value, but apparently there was a pretty big demand for some of the songs on iTunes following the show – well done, Drizzy


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