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Watch Kanye’s Latest 15 Minute Rant/Preach/Improv At A Concert In The UK On July 4

Kanye dons that extremely creepy mask he’s been wearing at a July 4 concert in London (saddest day of the year for the Brits) and goes on for about 15 minutes to some semblance of a form of his song “Runaway” … Basically does the usual Kanye thing and tells you why he’s Gods Gift to Earth and tries to be motivational at the same time

It’s shit like this alone that would be the deal breaker for me when considering a Kanye concert … Saw him way back in High School for his Glow In The Dark Tour after he released Graduation if I’m not mistaken. At the time, he was still hungry and trying to make a name for himself, so he knew he couldn’t really get away as much with these crazy antics … Don’t get me wrong, he still had some screws loose, but at least his “creative” and “artistic” side were directed only towards the music and the entertainment of the show

Now all of a sudden Kanye thinks people come to hear him spit his Gospel along with the music, and either there’s no one in his ear telling him that he sounds crazy, he’s not listening to that person, or I’m the crazy one and people actually enjoy hearing him do this…

Looks like Kanye wins in the end, because I’m still posting this and giving him the attention that he wants … Damn, how does he do it?


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