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USMNT Advances to Round of 16 Ft. Lupe Fiasco

USA lost to Germany today, but they had enough points and GD (goal differential…duh. Don’t you watch soccer all year every year?) to advance out of the “group of death”. They will play Belgium Tuesday @4PM EST. The Waffles beat South Korea, Algeria, and Russia in their group. ESPN gives us a 40% chance of winning. That’s not bad. And a note for the next few rounds:

A note for soccer newbies: There are no draws in the knockout stage. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the teams play 30 minutes of extra time. (The 30 minutes are guaranteed; there is no longer any “sudden death” or Golden Goal rule.) If the score is still tied, the game goes to a penalty shootout.

And yes I looked that up. I am a soccer newbie and am primarily watching the world cup b/c of patriotism.



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