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Hottest American Out Right Now Clint Dempsey, aka Texas Rapper “Deuce,” Plans To Release 13-Song Album Called “The Redux” After The World Cup

Clint Dempsey, captain of the U.S. Soccer Team and an all-around great American, is also an aspiring rapper known as “Deuce.” Way back in 2007, Deuce released some content for the game, most notably a music video for his song “Don’t Tread,” which was produced by Nike … Couldn’t find a way to embed the actual music video (look it up on YouTube), but here’s a highlight video of Dempsey to his jam:

That’s not all – Deuce isn’t done with his hip hop career … After winning this year’s World Cup, Dempsey plans to release a 13-song album entitled “The Redux.”

Deuce has been known to rap about “banging G’s” and “being Captain America.” That, in my opinion, is completely BOSS … He’s soon to solidify himself as one of the great Americans with this great 1-2 combo of soccer and rap … Looking forward to the album


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