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Swagged Out – Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Uniforms

Swagged Out - Charlotte Hornets Edition

Been a while since Chadcad has done a So Synonymous Swagged Out post, so I thought I’d resurrect this feature of the site to talk about the unveiling of the Charlotte Hornets new uniforms

The Old Hornets logo and color scheme has always been my favorite logo and color combo to rock – Here’s to hoping they’ll come up with some sick apparel to go along with this … At the very least, I’ll be looking for a jersey…

Check out more pics after the jump



Like I said – really digging the color combo – I personally like the purple-ish jersey compared to the teal jersey for their Away unis … Word is that the teal uni’s will be used as alternates for Away, while the purple ones will be their official – good move


This logo is a little too new school for my liking … I’m a much bigger fan of their old logo (below)



Sick shorts – Definitely copping these bad boys



Overall, pretty sick in my opinion … They definitely beat the shitty Bobcats logo and everything else related … I’m definitely happy they switched back, and based on the popularity of that sick original logo, it seems like other people will be too


What you think?

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