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Highlights: NBA Finals Game 4

It’s all but over. The Spurs left San Antonio tied 1-1 with the Heat and media buzzing about Lebron’s game 2 performance and his teams momentum going into a 2 home games…Fast forward 5 days and the Spurs are leaving Miami hands down as the best team in the NBA. While in South Beach, Greg Popovich, his 3 veterans, his emerging young star, and his amazing squad of role players have gotten their redemption by straight squashing the Heat in the last 2 games. First time in NBA Finals history that a team on the road won back-back games by 15+ points. The Spurs are clicking on all cylinders and the man responsible is the 2014 coach of the year.

As for Miami, this proves 2 things IMO: their dependence on Lebron and Spo’s inferiority to Pop. However, I wouldn’t worry too much if I were a Heat fan. The Spurs although impressive will lose so many pieces in the next year or so to retirement that it would be a miracle for them to remain at this peak.


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