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Ryan Lewis (Of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) Asks Hip-Hop Fans About Ryan Lewis

On Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Lewis went out onto the streets of NYC to ask fans of hip-hop if they knew who Ryan Lewis was and what purpose he served … Not surprisingly, the ones that were shown were all pretty clueless … Check it out

Obviously, Ryan Lewis is going to take some heat from now on being given such an equal spotlight and face-time with the more-famous rapper in Macklemore… Any producer who gets the kind of attention that Lewis does should – I mean, you don’t see 40 out there with Drake all the time when he’s performing or anything like that (I know, who’s 40, right?)

That being said, I always gave a lot of credit and respect to Macklemore for doing that for his producer … In many cases, the beats made by Lewis are what make Macklemore’s songs and give it such a unique and one of a kind vibe … It seems to be a Seattle hip-hop thing to place such value on the beats and the vibe playing behind each one of the rappers – the producers there are considered their own artists, and really are just as valuable as the rappers that are spitting over them … Just an interesting different viewpoint on the matter


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