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Highlights: Spurs Rout Thunder in Game 1 … Preview: Are The Heat In Trouble? (No)

The Spurs capitalized off of old man Timmy’s 27 points last night as the Spurs took care of the Thunder in Game 1, 122-105 … It was clear that the Spurs were going to take advantage of the absence of Serge Ibaka, penetrating the lane early and often … The Thunder playmakers posted their usual impressive stats, with Durant & Westbrook putting up 28 & 25, respectively

I could be wrong, but I see the Spurs taking this series relatively easily … The Thunder will have to show early in Game 2 that they can stop points in the paint and can bang with the big boys down low … But besides that, it just always seem that the Thunder never play up to their potential … I’ve always been disappointed with what they have accomplished the past couple years … If they lose, maybe it’s time to consider a replacement for Scotty Brooks…


Later tonight, the Heat will look to redeem a pathetic Game 1 performance against the Pacers to even up the series at 1… The Heat haven’t lost consecutive games in the playoffs in like a million years – so I really have my money on Miami tonight … If Indiana somehow pulls out a victory, I will be very, very impressed … That will show me that their first two rounds were more about them sleeping rather than being in such a funk that we all thought they were in …


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