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Highlights: Thunder Comeback

Dejavu. Just 2 nights ago, the Thunder blew a large 4th Q lead and to restore order to the NBA universe, the opposite happened in game 5. Down by 13 with less than 4 to play, OKC went on a 17-3 run to win the game by 1. Some questionable calls down the stretch led to heavy debate after the game. I got a comment & a question:

  1. Why isn’t there a ref (not on the floor) that is in charge of replay review. This goes for all sports. Everyone always complains that replays take too long. In football the league always says “each scoring play is reviewed upstairs”. Then how come when a red flag is thrown, the head ref needs to go under the hood. Why can’t that same dude who is “upstairs” in the booth review it to speed things up. Same can go for the NBA. Barkley was saying after the game that the ref was being bias about who’s ball it was because he missed the foul call. If you put the replay in the hands of someone else, then that bias is eliminated.

2. Is there a rule that “if the defender hits the offensive players hand and that causes the ball to go out then it is off of the defender and remains possession to the offense? ” I’ve seen it employed on rebounds. Ex: Blake Griffin goes up for a rebound with a straight arm, Ibaka goes up behind him for the ball and hits Griffin’s hand which is on the ball and causes it to go out of bounds. It is clearly Ibaka’s hand momentum that forced the ball out, as Griffin was going straight up, even tho it may have been off of Griffin’s hand. Does this rule apply in this situation? If anyone has insight please let me know. That is if anyone reads this whole post…

Yizzurds also won. Pacers still up in series 3-2.





2 comments on “Highlights: Thunder Comeback

  1. derek

    Yeah crazy. I looked this up last night…Rule 8 section 2-C “If a player has his hand in contact with the ball and an opponent hits the hand causing the ball to go out-of-bounds, the team whose player had his hand on the ball will retain possession”

    So if the ruling is that Barnes did hit reggie’s hand, then its thunder ball. I guess they’re saying he didn’t hit his hand? They said it was “inconclusive.” Which to me means, they have one job and they can’t do it

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    • chadcad

      Good shit. Thanks for the rule info.

      I thought it was the right call in the end. This series has been dope so far. Both teams are hella inconsistent, don’t think either can win the West playing like this.

      Heat v Spurs Finals rematch on deck.


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