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NBA Weekend Recap

Best game/play of the weekend. Half Man – Half Amazing has not lost his swagger. This says it all (pic).

This is starting off to be the most evenly matched playoffs ever. Notes:

  • Both 8 seeds have legit shots at taking the series (How are the mavs an 8 seed?). West can go to ANYONE.
  • Lamarcus Aldridge is playing lights out. Big fella is averaging 35pts and 11 boards this series.
  • The Clips owner is a scum bag and should be exiled from the NBA immediately. Based on yesterday’s game, the Clips seem distracted and were dominated by the Warriors. As a DubNation fan, I’m happy to see a Golden win, but also feel for the Clips players and Doc Rivers who should not have to be dealing with this type of BS right now.
  • The Thunder/Griz series has had 3 straight OT games! Uber exciting!

WTWF: Pacers v Hawks tonight, series 2-2. Mavs v Spurs tonight, series 2-1 D-town leads.



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