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DannyKaz Weekend Playlist (4/11 – 4/13)

DannyKaz Weekend Playlist (4/11 - 4/13)

Sorry it’s been late, but here’s a nice So.Synonymous Weekend Playlist to take you into the weekend …

I’ve been feeling 50’s “official single” for Animal Ambition – the hook reminds me of old 50 – first time I’ve heard music like that from him in years …

Wiz continues his grind in preparation for Blacc Hollywood – I think the song I have is a real solid track …

Other ones featured aren’t necessarily new, but I’ve been bumping them like crazy lately … Got an opportunity to see Kid Ink next weekend in NYC thanks to our friend J.D. from Hip Hop Update, so I just rekindled some of the old Kid Ink love I had when his mixtape Up & Away came out … Kid Ink’s turning into one of the best – I think he deserves even more recognition beyond the mainstream hype he’s been getting for “Show Me.”

No download links – but if you’re feeling one of the tracks, let us know and we’ll track down a download link … Enjoy!!


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