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Hoops Recap: NCAA Upsets & Durantula’s 2OT walk off

Quick NBA highlight during march madness overload. Durant had a sick game winner against Drake’s Raptors. Westbrook hurt his knee again during this game. Westbrook’s injuries starting to become D. Rose-esque.

SF Austin converts a 4 pt play at the buzzer to bring VCU to overtime. Then the underdogs closed out the deal and will now lose to UCLA on Sunday.

haha Duke. North Carolina’s second best team lost to 14 ranked Mercer! Duke’s freshman had an off night and that’s all it takes for the team to crumble. Mercer will play Tennessee on Sunday. Should be a good matchup.

The best team in Carolina did win. UNC will play  trigger happy Iowa State. The heels need to play some serious defense to have a chance to win.

Prediction: 2 of these 3 teams will win today: UConn, Oregon, Harvard


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This entry was posted on 03/22/2014 by in College Basketball, Highlights, NBA.
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