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Highlights: Conference Champ Recaps & Tourney Insight


Conference Tournaments came to a close today, and was quickly overshadowed by the NCAA field selection. However, impressive conference runs can mean a lot more than is reflected by the seeding. Momentum plays a big part in March and strong or weak conference finishes can give you insight into who might make a run or see an early exit next week.

Winners/Momentum High: Virginia, Florida, Iowa State, Michigan State, UCLA

Losers/Momentum Down: Syracuse, Vilanova, Kansas

Sleepers: Louisville, Oklahoma State, Harvard

ACC: Virginia looked hella strong against Duke. Jabari did all he could to keep Duke in it (23pts) but Virginia’s defense is too solid. Since February, Virginia only lost 1 game (in OT) and beat Syracuse by nearly 20. Virginia also has an easy bracket to the Final Four. The #2 seed in the East is Vil-a-nofun. Nova is currently deflated after a early exit to Seton Hall. Expect the Cavs to make a very deep run. One team that can knock them off is the Big 10 champ Michigan State (if they come to play).

Pac 12: UCLA pulled an upset in the conference champ. Despite the loss, Arizona got a 1 seed in the West. Look out for Oklahoma St (the 9 seed) giving Zona a tight game in the second round. If you’re gonna take a 1 seed out early, this is the one to bet on.

Big 12: The above video is from the semi-final game, but Iowa State had an fantastic end to their season. They can also make some noise in the Eastern Bracket as the 4 seed. Kansas grabs 2 seed in the South, but other than an early win over Duke, the jayhawks don’t seem talented enough this year.

SEC: The Florida Gators capped off their dream season with a win over Kentucky in the SEC champ. Florida is the overall #1 seed and is clicking on all cylinders. Florida hasn’t lost since December 2nd, but they didn’t play a single top 10 team all season. Can they hold their own against the top dogs from the bigger conferences? I dont think so. But with an easy bracket, they may not be tested until the Elite 8.

Big 10 champ highlights

Big 10: Couldn’t get a youtube highlight so click the link above. MSU got their season back on track during the conference tournament and earned a 4 seed. Michigan has a strong year and will be the #2 seed in the midwest with Wichita State.




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