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Highlights: NBA – Spurs and Clips Win: What does it mean?

If last night’s NBA games tell us anything it that 1) the spurs are not too old to make another title run and 2) there is no way that Kobe can fix the lakers.

The Spurs easily handled the Heat in San Antonio. The first matchup in Texas between the two teams since last years NBA finals, the spurs let the Heat and the league know that they are a very strong team. The Spurs got gret production from their bench and held LeBron to 19 pts on 6-18. LeBron complained about the sleeved NBA jerseys afterward, some may call it an excuse, but LeBron is shooting a career high shooting percentage this season and the jerseys do seem annoying.

Meanwhile in LA, the Clips just murdered the Lakers 142-94. The Clippers are playing very good basketball when they get production from Darren Collison. There is no way that Kobe return the Lakers to title contention. He can work/train as hard as he wants and keep talking about how his return will bring the Lakers back, but it’s not gonna happen. Oh and check out Blake’s dunk last night.


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This entry was posted on 03/07/2014 by in Highlights, NBA.
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