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New Music: Big Boi – Mother of Dragons

New Music: Big Boi - Mother of Dragons

So HBO announced yesterday that they will be making their mark on the rap scene with a Game of Thrones mixtape, “Catch the Throne.” This is the first track released off of the upcoming mixtape, which is set to drop in a few weeks, right on time for the premiere of season 4…

Hard to take seriously when I listen to this … Rapping about Khaleesi’s rise to the throne just doesn’t do it for me … Here’s what Big Boi had to say about Khaleesi & the show:

“Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons is one of my favorite characters. The throne actually belongs to her and to see her plight to get back on top to where she belongs has been the thing. Last season ended with the Red Wedding when the Lannisters knocked everybody off. like James Brown said, it’s the season to get the big payback.”


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