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New Music: Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl … “Retrohash” Album Artwork Revealed

Ever since the drop of the college anthem, “I Love College,” Asher Roth lost a significant amount of popularity in the rap game … However, I’ve always been a fan of a lot of the material that he puts out …

Make no mistake, he’s not some trash rapper only lucky for throwing together a catchy hook onto an even catchier beat – Roth has always put out good music … He rarely gets the recognition he deserves…

Here’s his first single for his upcoming album, Retrohash … The album artwork for the upcoming album was just recently released (shown above) …

I’m liking this track a lot … It’s not even really a rap song – Asher Roth doesn’t really come in on a verse until over halfway through the song … The song is more of a funky, psychedelic jam … Check it out:

Look out for Retrohash on April 22


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