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Kanye West Announces Yeezus Movie; Check Out the Trailer

Following the conclusion of the lengthy Yeezus tour that traversed basically the entire North American continent these past couple months, Kanye West has announced that there will be a Yeezus movie … Why am I not surprised ? What genius wouldn’t do this after making waves like the ones he’s been making?

Peep the short trailer for the movie above, which was released on Kanye’s site a couple days ago and premiered earlier this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers (basically just compilation clips of some of Kanye’s other music videos)

The film will be directed by one of Kanye’s favorites, Hype Williams. Hype directed music videos for Kanye’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone,” “Gold Digger,” & “Stronger.”

It was announced a little while back that author/screenwriter Brett Easton Ellis (famous for American Pyscho) will be collaborating with ‘Ye on the project in some capacity …


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