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Highlights – Charlotte Bobcats At Oklahoma City Thunder (3/2/14)

The Thunder have been struggling in a big way ever since the return of their dynamic PG, Russell Westbrook. Before today’s convincing 116-94 win against the Bobcats, the Thunder were 1-3 since Westbrook’s return …

Didn’t catch the game, but it still seems like the Thunder have a ton of kinks to work out to get back to the level they’ve been playing at when Durant was at his peak … Westbrook is a superstar, but there’s definitely going to be some tension when it comes to shot attempts between him and Durant down the stretch. Last year’s early exit from the playoffs without Westbrook may have shown how much KD needed Westbrook for OKC to be an elite team in the NBA, but based on the January that Durant had this year, he may be ready to take over this team on his own … Only time will tell if the two stars can co-exist and both be happy …

I personally think it can work between the two … Westbrook has to be a little less selfish and capitalize on some of the other things that make him great … Westbrook is completely capable of not compromising his game and getting the shot attempts he needs; he just needs to learn to defer to Durant when it comes to the half-court offense… Westbrook, behind Derrick Rose, is the most athletic and dynamic PG of the game … He can make this team hard to stop if he’s clicking in transition and only supplementing KD’s opportunities offensively…

If Westbrook’s not able/willing to do that, I also don’t think it would be a bad idea for him to take the Harden route and skip town to become the star of a new team in need of a dynamic PG … I’d kill to have him on my Knicks …

Now 2-3 since Westbrook’s return, only time will tell if OKC can maintain the top spot in the Western Conference now that Westbrook is almost back to full health … This year is going to be a pivotal year to determine if this Thunder team is going to stay the way it is with KD & Westbrook or if some moves are going to need to be made to benefit the team long term …

Oh, by the way, KD had a sick dunk today … Check it out below:

Also, here’s a pretty cool alley-oop from Westbrook to Ibaka … I’ve been looking all over trying to find the vid of the sick dunk that Westbrook had today (basically leapt from the foul line), but it’s not showing up anywhere … Apologies for that … This will have to do instead:


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