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Tracks To Bump: Kid Cudi – Balmain Jeans

This is the first time I’m posting about a song I sort-of already posted about, but I just wanted to start throwing out songs I’ve found particularly addicting to since I’ve started writing this blog …

With that being said, this is by far my favorite song from Cudi’s latest album, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon.” The whole album from Cudi is pretty decent – It’s pretty clear Cudi had a specific vision for this album … As always, he goes the super-spacey route … Some of them are on point, while a lot of others are misses … This one isn’t a miss …

Definitely check it out … It’s a song worth mentioning …

In the future, I’m going to try to point out some more individual songs worth mentioning … Chadcad recently posted about some of his stand-out tracks from Rozay’s “Mastermind.” I’ll try to continue the trend with notable songs from future CD’s as well…

Enjoy …


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