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Swagged Out: The New Masked Mamba (LBJ)

zizfxklos3tuzuib1xf1Kinda joking, but kinda not. Lebron debuted his black carbon fiber face mask last night against the Knicks to protect his broken nose. And as far as masks go in the NBA (here’s pics of previous NBA masks), who better to don the most badass one than The King. Of course NBA memes  began having a field day with game pics from Thursday night (pic) and lets not forget about Felton who shot 1-7 last night (pic). Despite the impaired vision and increased “heat” that the mask probably creates, James was still on top of his game. He went 13-19 from the field and scored 31 in the scrimmage. Dwayne Wade also played very well shooting 77% from the floor and finishing with 23.

MVP Race: KD (pts/reb/ast) in Jan/Feb. 36,6,6 — 33,8,7 … Lebron in Jan/Feb. 28,6,6 — 31,7,8. Just when it seemed KD was beginning to take Gotham, Lebron restored justice to the city. But the battle is far from over.


“I’ve been talking to Marvel Comics and D.C. Comics for the last couple days and trying to come up with one of the greatest masks of all time, so we’ll see what happens,” James said. They delivered.

Jump for more pics of Lebron in a mask!!!!!

dm_140227_Knicks_Heat_Highlighti-8 i-7 i-6


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