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Listen To The Album Stream of KiD CuDi’s “Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon”

Cudi’s been very quiet lately in the rap scene … It was announced recently that he will be playing Ari Gold’s assistant in the upcoming Entourage movie, but besides that, he hasn’t been making the same waves that he once did earlier in his career…

Once an EP, Cudi expanded this project to a full-length album, tweeting the release of the album last night … Take a listen for yourself to the entire album below … It’s out on iTunes now …

Haven’t made a listen to it yet – but I’m really falling off the Cudi bandwagon … He’s just invested way too deep in this spacey/galactic persona (as you can tell by the name of basically every one of his projects). The sound just isn’t for me anymore … Not sure if the direction he’s been going is just a phase for him, or if it’s the type of artist he really wants to be … I can see it appealing to some people…


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