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NBA: Heat v Thunder 8PM – Westbrook Returns

Bron visits Sniper Jones and the OKC Thunder tonight 8PM on TNT. The NBA’s favorite matchup of superstars also feature the return of Russell Westbrook who missed 27 games after surgery on his knee. The MVP debate continues as Durant is finally having a season that rivals the stats put up consistently by Lebron. The two met 3 weeks ago and the Thunder murked the Heat in Miami.

Other NBA news: trade deadline was today. Melo doesn’t go anywhere. The biggest trade was Evan Turner to the Pacers for Danny Granger. Pacer’s looking for someone who can score off of their bench. Turner can put up points, but thats mostly cause he shoots 16 times a game and starts in Philly. Time will tell if he can adjust to his new role with Indiana.


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