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The Year of Nas Continues … Nas’ Television Show “Street Dreams” In The Works for 2014

Seems like we have even more to be excited about this year when it comes to Nas…

Nas recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk a little bit about his upcoming TV show, “Street Dreams.” There aren’t much details surrounding the project yet, but Nas is definitely heavily involved in the project. From what we know, it seems like the show will be a drama series centered around a young Nas trying to traverse the daily struggles of his life and make it as a rapper. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I’m hands-on with everything, so this show is 100 percent authentic. Even if I don’t look cool in it, I just want it to be real and raw. I didn’t see this as a full autobiography at first. But I have so much that’s happened in my life already, there was no room for fantasy. I wanted it to be entertaining, but everything from my life seemed to be so strong. It’s all reality. There’s nothing from my life I didn’t want in there.”

In addition to this, as I mentioned before, Nas will be releasing Illmatic XX, the 20th anniversary commemorative edition of his debut album. He also has a documentary in the works called “Time is Illmatic.”

Check out my latest write-up of Nas’ career in the So.Synonymous feature, Artist Time Machine


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