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Highlights: Heat v Warriors – King James

This game last night was dope. One of the best NBA games this year. Warriors were down 21 at the half. Curry led a huge 3rd Q comeback to set up a duel going into the 4th. With about 2 min left Lebron & Curry took over. James for 3 – heat up 2. Curry ties it. James 1-2 at the line – heat up 1. 15 sec Curry converts 3 pt play – Warriors up 2. Then at the buzzer The Chosen 1 hits an impossible (to everyone but him & KD) fade away 3 with Iggy in his grill. Then tells the crowd to sit down with his classic “Stomp Celebration” on the road.  Check game highlights here. Amazing game before the all-star break. After a January owned by KD, Lebron reminds everyone why he is not giving up his thrown without a fight.


Harden also had a game winner for the Rockets. Check out the top 10 from last night here.


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