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Knicks Clinging To Any Hope of Relevancy For Foreseeable Future – Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors Won’t Go Away

Knicks Clinging To Any Hope For Relevancy in Foreseeable Future - Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors Won't Go Away

After yet another loss today from the Knicks (can’t blame them too much this time going against KD & The Thunder), I seem to be seeing more of a buzz that just won’t go away regarding trade rumors with Celtics’ PG Rajon Rondo …

With ‘Melo’s home next year being in doubt, it’s beginning to seem as if the Knicks need to make a big move to better entice him to stay on Broadway … Despite having very few things to offer in a trade for a blockbuster star like Rondo, there still may be some options for the Knickerbockers…

Thanks to genius GM moves by the Knicks in years past, they do NOT have a first round pick until 2018, so there isn’t much they can offer to Danny Ainge and the Celtics in that regard…

However, other moving pieces in consideration include Amar’e Stoudemire, who has one year left on his contract after this season. Raymond Felton also can be thrown in the deal, as well as Iman Shumpert (who’s playing on his rookie contract) and Rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr.

No idea what Danny Ainge has in store in terms of his vision for the Celtics, but as a Knicks fan, I certainly see a ton of worth and upside in young guys like Hardaway & Shumpert… Stoudemire is just damaged goods at this point, but still can be a good role player perhaps … Felton can also be solid, but I’ve always worried about his physical shape (dude’s got a gut) and he’s hot and cold from the field a lot …

Knicks have until the trade deadline on February 20 to figure some shit out … If they make NO MOVES this year, I think ‘Melo will leave … It’s a shame because New York is such a perfect fit for him … He would get paid the most here than any other market; He’s the face of the greatest city on Earth and at least a symbol of basketball hope; He also has roots in New York… It’s a shame he hasn’t been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and sign on a superstar to play along with him.

A couple analysts made this point in the past about ‘Melo and I thought it was a great one … ‘Melo needs to be kicking down the door of GM Steve Mills or owner James Dolan or whomever and begging them to get something done for this team … ‘Melo never seems to have that burning passion for winning and being the best… I’m not questioning his drive or anything, he’s just always seemed so laid back and mellow during interviews and when asked about these situations … He needs to do everything he can to convey to the higher-ups that he NEEDS HELP.

Rondo would be a perfect form of help. Any time you have a dynamic point guard like him, you give your team a chance to win. He’ll spread the floor for ‘Melo and give him much better scoring opportunities…. And as a Knicks fan, the MOST FRUSTRATING THING I see when watching them (besides the inept defense) is when the ball gets to ‘Melo and it turns into isolation time. There’s no movement of the ball – just one on one with the defender… Melo comes out on top many of the times – but without ball movement the team is just so stagnant and destined for failure … You also don’t put any stress on the defense when it turns into an iso-, one on one battle … Rondo could change all that

Earlier this season it was reported that Anthony was trying to lure Rondo, a former teammate at his high school at Oak Hill, to the Knicks

If they can’t get Rondo, let the domino effect commence … I see a dark future for the Knicks for a long time without someone like ‘Melo who has resurrected this city


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