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The New King’s of the Coasts – J. Cole & K. Dot



Dannykaz showed you how Kendrick rose to become the King of L.A. Meanwhile in New York, the “torch” was also being passed to the new school. Last night at his MSG concert, Jay-Z gave Jermaine Cole his original ROC chain. Now with the support of Jay and Nas, Cole World looks to be the prize fighter of the East, despite Kendrick’s attempts to claim the spot. Cole, a Fayetteville NC native, has been among the rap game bests for years now. After crazy good mixtapes, The Therapist has dropped 2 albums Sideline Story & Born Sinner, both which have gone Gold. I will get more in depth about his career at a later date, but for now let us enjoy this exciting time in Hip-Hop.

Last night, on his 29th birthday, Cole shut down MSG by bringing out Kendrick Lamar and then Hov & dropped a mixtape. Cole and K. Dot have been good friends for a while and have worked on many tracks together. The two have even hinted that they have a full length collab album that is complete. Here is a preview that came out a few years ago from the duo – Temptation. This album has the potential to be something from another stratosphere.

Catch some videos of last night & collabs after the Jump.


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