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Swagged Out – NFL Championship Playoffs

i-6It’s your weekly dose of NFL freshness. We lead off this week with the clear cut #1. Ya boy Anthony Dixon  just done killed the game. Dude’s 2 tone bicep bands correspond with the red forearm shiver and the all white gloves. Black spats and a visor and gold tipped dreads. Surrender. Look good play good – Dixon ran for the Niners first TD on Sunday. Game didn’t turn out as nice for SF, but @boobie24dixon showed out this season.

tempAP403231279724_1--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Knowshon’s orange gloves were dirty (palm was orange too). And by dirty I mean clean.

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i-5Quinton Patton saying #fuckwithmeyouknowigotit

previewRidley was looking sick again. His Under Armor cleat game goes hard. And he matches the gloves accordingly.

1390194330000-USATSI-7686518This won’t be about Richard Sherman’s undisputed talent/skill or his loud mouth. He barely swagged out with a one arm sleeve. For some reason Seahawk players don’t spice up their uni that much. Partly b/c they don’t have too. Their jersey is one of the few redesigned by Nike when the swoosh took over the NFL.

i-38Peyton just spills swag. This guy wore a blue glove…on his throwing hand?

i-2Patriots Alfonzo Dennard looked sick with the white sleeves/socks and hit em with the red kicks

tempTLC21523--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Patrick Willis went all black everything to the party.

Terrance Knighton #94Respect to all of Denver’s Defense rocking visors including the big boys Terrance Knighton #94 and Shaun Phillips #90. May have been b/c of the sun, but still looks sick.

i-3Edelman with the red yeezy gloves again this week.

tempLM__LAR1905-18--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Marshawn always seems to look very sick even without accessorizing very much. Beastmode is just that dude.


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