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Doubt Anyone Has Missed This At This Point – Richard Sherman Epic Post-Game Rant

Pure entertainment … I’m so sick of people being so offended by this guy for being classless or running his mouth … Bottom line is that this dude has earned the right to say whatever the hell he wants … That being said, it’s pretty stupid that he got mad at Crabtree’s response at a press conference earlier this week when Crabtree was asked about Sherman, but I can’t really judge Sherman when his trash talk has been backed up on the field time after time after time …

So bottom line for me is that I don’t really think Sherman needed to say that about Crabtree based solely on Crabtree’s press conference earlier (but I doubt it was just that – I’m sure the two were jawing like crazy throughout the whole game), but the guy has earned the right to say whatever the hell he wants … I also try not to take it too seriously – it’s just entertaining for me … I’m sure 49ers fans don’t agree with me though

Oh and by the way, I’m not sure if anyone else follows ESPN First Take, but I’ll be interested to see talking heads like Skip Bayless comment on this tomorrow … I think Sherman acts like a punk in this video, but again it’s hard to get on him when he backs up his trash talk


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