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Carroll vs. Harbaugh – Rivalry Within A Rivalry


Just to piggyback off of Chadcad’s post the other day about the Seahawks-49er’s rivalry being the best rivalry in sports…

I think the hatred between these two coaches is the most pure and genuine hatred I have seen between competitors in a real long time. I’m sure they have a lot of respect for each other, but the two guys really get under each other’s skin…

Speaking objectively, Jim Harbaugh is a world class dick. He’s as pretentious as they come… Make no mistake, he’s one of the best (if not THE best) NFL coaches in the league … His track record has proven that … But the dude has had other altercations in the past with a few guys which should be proof enough to show that this guy is no stranger to conflict and pissing people off …

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I feel like it’s tougher to get on Carroll or find faults with him. I think a lot of people have the right to get on him for leaving USC right when the avalanche of sanctions were coming from above, but for some reason I find it easier to sympathize with him, especially when he was offered an NFL coaching job that significantly increased the salary… I have a lot more respect for his style of coaching – but both guys clearly have their own recipe for how to get it done – and it’s working …

Regardless of my feelings for the two guys, I can feel the strong and raw emotions that these guys have for the game and the hatred they have for each other … The rivalry has been getting better and better and growing in ways us fans could never have imagined, but I believe this all started way back in November 2009 when a Harbaugh-led Stanford squad was laying a whooping on the much superior USC team led by Carroll. To make matters worse, Harbaugh chose to go for a late 2 point conversion for good measure against the Trojans…. I’m a competitive guy – if I ever was getting my ass kicked to a team that I felt was inferior to mine, and then was humiliated even more by having to defend a 2 point conversion attempt when down by 30-some points, I wouldn’t be able to hold my temper when going out to shake the opponent’s hand.

If I were Carroll, I would make it my mission to shove that feeling back in Harbaugh’s face for the rest of my career. Carroll struggled early on vs. Harbaugh as coach of the Seahawks, but since then I feel as if the Seahawks have shown themselves to be the superior team, especially when they are playing at home…

Tomorrow’s matchup sets up to be a PERFECT stage for all of this to come to a head. The added pressure that the two coaches will face will add a huge element to the coaching strategies and the overall play of the game. As fans, we couldn’t have asked for a better situation…

AND EVERYONE – make sure to tune in to the post-game handshake between these two lovebirds after one team is heading to the Super Bowl and the other is sent packing …


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