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3 & Out – The NFL’s Best Rivalry


1st Down:Both these teams are in today’s NFL elite. To make a great/fun to watch rivalry, the teams have to be good. Rivalries become etched in stone and NFL films are produced when two great teams that hate each other play in important games.

2nd: The Seahawks and Niners share the classic “Deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you! but God damn it do I respect you“. Players dummy down the hate as competitiveness, but at times it shines through. This year, players referred to the other teams as the “She hawks” and the “Forty-Whiners”. And the on the field hate extends beyond the white lines. Pete Carol and Jim Harbaugh have been rivals before the NFL. When Harbaugh’s Cardinal beat up on Carol’s then 9th ranked Trojans, a heated post game handshake ensued.

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3rd: The fans are passionate and love this rivalry. Hawks fans once flew a 12th man flag over Candlestick Park and Niner Nation responded by putting this billboard up in Seattle. But aside from the silly antics, the two fan bases have come together to raise money for children’s hospitals in each city. Then, when it looked like the fans were getting along, Seahawks will not sell NFC Championship game tickets to California based buyers.

Timeout: The NFC Championship this weekend is going to be dope. Anquan Boldin will stir shit up and this game will get heated. A trip to the Superbowl is on the line. The QB shootout (AFC championship) will be a nice appetizer for the big game this weekend.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m rooting for the Niners, but I think Seattle wins this one 20-16. Seahawks secondary can shut down the passing game and leave more guys in the box to contain Kaep. A lot of pressure will be put on SF’s defense.



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