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Is A-Rod the New Lance?

Alex Rodriguez tests positve for steroids

A-rod is now suing the MLBPA (players association) in a last ditch effort of appealing his 162 game suspension for 2014. I don’t follow MLB enough to know all of the specifics of this ish, but I believe it continues to involve banned performance substances. Arod’s constant battle to clear his name is eerily similar to Lance Armstrong’s campaign that came to an end about this time last year. Rodriguez seems to think that with all his money, he can buy big shot lawyers that can win him some court cases and clear his name from MLB’s *roiders* list. I wonder if the lies will burn a hole in him like they did to the 7 time Tour de France champion. Boring part about these stories is that they take years to play out in court. I dont even know what the status or Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds, etc. is these days. All I know is that Pete Rose didn’t take steroids, that dude was just addicted to money.

ps. when can we get a salary cap in baseball?



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