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Drake, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Others Among List of Forbes’ “30 Under 30”

I really don’t think this says much, but I thought I’d post it anyway … Every year, Forbes puts out a list of the most successful “young” stars under the age of 30 in 15 different categories. In the music category, the list included Drake (27), Kendrick Lamar (26), J. Cole (28), Wiz Khalifa (26), Miguel (28), Ryan Lewis (25), and more.

I really don’t see how being under 30 makes it even more impressive and challenging to become a star, especially on the music side of things. These guys aren’t working tirelessly over so many years to build up an empire and become successful. They either get lucky enough to blow up or they don’t… In some ways, it’s even easier to be successful at this age because it’s more appealing to the younger demographic … So I pretty much disregard this list


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