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Swagged Out – College Football Bowl Season

Jonathan MincyWe at it again. Everybody and their dog watched the nat’l champ and saw that hella Auburn dudes were swagged out. DB Jonathon Mincy killed it. Arm sleeve on one, bands on bands on the other.

i-7Sammy Watkins balled TF out. Dude looked fly doing it too. Purple wrist tape took his game to a whole other level (literally). The playmaker is headed to the NFL.

A TON more players/teams killed the uni game this bowl season. Check em out after the jump.

craig lostonCraig Loston (DB) did something very few do any more. He hit us with the taped fingers. Bad ass.

-020ad3b8cc969e50Oregon always looks dope. The Nike assembly line runs right thru their locker room and all players reap the rewards.

jarell adamsJarell Adams of SC had a crazy cool sock game that bled into his kick game.

i-3North Texas had cool uni’s. diggin the helmets

jaylon finnerJaylon Finner (DB) of Rice did work to the already dope uni’s. Check the spats into the one white leg. Yup.

brett-hundley-sun-bowlUCLA’s “LA nights” uniforms are among the best all blacks I’ve seen. QB Brett Hundley looks sharp with double sleeves.

ka,deem careyArizona’s red helmets pop. RB Ka’deem Carey balls out and accessorizes brilliantly.

Kenny WilliamsThe Red Raiders greys were so smooth. RB Kenny Williams added black spats. Game. Set. Match.

tj loganUNC’s Carolina Blue uni’s look sick with a black helmet. I support white accessories with this uni combo.

evc_20131223_Ohio_vs_East_Carolina_163251Check out Ohio’s kicker doe.

josh shawJosh Smith’s glove and wrist game go hard.

be7c1ce0b11c48a29c148d83594f7b98-f40d9febcd904c22be56713a28d52aad-2Washington’s gold helmets are dirty. QB Keith Price does the damn thang with a sleeve and glove.

-4b17abf8c1c49b44Cuse’s helmets were sick (similar to A&Ms greys earlier this year)

D.J. FosterThe Sun Devils had cool helmets. RB DJ Foster hit nice black spats.

14047905-essayThere is actually 3X the swag in this photo. Chris Davis and Ryan White (Auburn) kill the sleeve/glove/bicep band game. Then FSU’s TE Nick O’Leary goes opposite spectrum swag. Dude has been rocking short sleeves, short socks, and no gloves all season. No one does that any more. NO ONE.

SPORTS_FBC-BCS_14_OS_t607James Wilder Jr. has rolled up his jersey all season. That says to me “check out how ripped I am, I’m gonna run you TF over”

Cassanova Mckinzy 2Cassanova Mckinzy (Auburn) had his white du-rag swanging around while he sacked Famous Jameis. That’s awesome.

Gabe WrightAuburns D-Lineman Gabe Wright spatted up. Big fellas can swag it up too

NCAA Football: Hawaii Bowl-Boise State vs Oregon State

Oregon State tries too hard. Do less Beavers*.


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