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New Report Finds That A Staggering Amount of College Athletes Are Between a 4th & 8th Grade Reading Level (SHOCK!)

New Report Finds That A Staggering Amount of College Athletes Are Between a 4th & 8th Grade Reading Level (SHOCK!)

I hate to sound cynical, but is this any surprise to anyone who follows college sports? If you watch any interviews of college football or basketball players, most of the time the guys can’t form a sentence without butchering the English language … The first example that comes to my mind these days is Jameis Winston … Don’t get me wrong – I love the guy, and very well could be way off when judging his intelligence (and I apologize if I am), but if you listen to any of his interviews, you can tell right away that the guy doesn’t have a good grasp on the English language…

I haven’t been too too exposed to college admissions for Varsity high school athletes, but let’s be honest, the standards are obviously lowered for these guys (some much more than others) … Speaking from experience, I was wait-listed at my dream school, the University of Notre Dame, back when I was in high school 4 short years ago … It’s hard not to feel a little resentful when you think that there are guys they are letting in who don’t hold a candle to your performance academically…

That being said, these guys bring in the dough!!! Their value to their college cannot even be measured … They sell tickets, sell merchandise, raise fan interest, and help increase alumni endowment. They also boost hopes for a school that they will bring their team to the next championship – or bring them any type of success for that matter. Of course I’m selfish and would want to be taken over a stud athlete at my dream school, but if it wasn’t me, I would want the All-American with a 40 IQ over a Rhodes Scholar any day of the week. All across the board, these guys are bringing in MAD amounts of money for the show they are putting on the field or on the court … This dynamic isn’t going to change either … This is what the fans want, this is what the school wants… Hell, this is even what the other students want (who are lucky enough to still get in) … And if one school gets on their high horse and refuses to lower their standards for a dumb athlete, the next school in line will simply pick him up instead

It’s all about the $$

(Disclaimer – I thought I should note this – I’m not trying to say that these athletes are bums. There are plenty of college athletes who do well in the classroom as well…. What’s worth noting EVEN MORE is that a lot of these guys who are basically illiterate come from some of the worst backgrounds possible … I think it’s all about a kid’s willingness to learn … He may have no access to education before having the privilege to reach college, but if he makes the most of what he has when he’s in college, I can’t knock the guy for taking my spot at a university.)

(Click on the picture to read CNN’s article and investigation into the matter)


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