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Am I The Only One Who Thinks We May Run Into Just as Many Problems in Next Year’s College Football Playoff?

Am I The Only One Who Thinks We May Run Into Just as Many Problems in Next Year's College Football Playoff?

I may be alone, but I think there’s always going to be a debate for who belongs in this college football inner-circle even when the system is expanded to 4 teams. In some ways, might it even be even more complicated to hash out who belongs in this elite group?

I’m not an advocate for the old BCS – it’s a mess and doesn’t do the exciting regular season any justice at all … But I still think we’re going to run into a lot of problems next year deciding that cut off between #4 and #5 …

I would say that there’s a much FINER line between an undefeated team (from a BCS conference) and a one loss team … Bottom line is – if you’re undefeated, you’re going to the championship… What made things simpler is that each season you only ended up with 1 or 2 undefeated teams at most … Easy enough … That usually left a mess for the #2 spot though … Here’s where it obviously got complicated and where the criticism for this system was warranted….

But next year, couldn’t it be just as bad? Picture the end of the season next year as being the same it was this year … So we have one undefeated team and a bunch of one-loss teams … That leaves 3 spots for the playoffs among the one-loss teams … I agree it gets a little easier because all these 1-loss teams are fighting for 3 spots now instead of 1, but now more teams have to be considered because you can’t simply look at the TOP 1-loss team to put them in … It gets harder when you’re deciding who the 2nd and 3rd best one-loss teams are … This year it would probably be Auburn, Alabama, and Michigan State … So again, it probably will be easier … But other teams such as Ohio State, Baylor, or even UCF or Louisville could have had an argument to be included … All I’m saying is that there definitely could be a complicated scenario where there are a few other legitimate one-loss teams that deserve a shot in the playoff

We go through the same debate in college basketball every year (albeit not as intense) … A lot of commentators want to push the field to an even higher number … It will never end

I think this is definitely a right decision, but I just wanted to point out that I think it still leaves some room for debate and controversy when next year rolls around

(By the way, I have no clue if the picture above is the new logo for this playoff .. Just thought I’d put it up there … Not sure how I feel about it if it is though)


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