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Playoff Fantasy Football >> Regular Season Fantasy Football

For those of you who don’t do Playoff Fantasy Football, you’re missing out … OK, I’m probably exaggerating a little bit when I say the whole experience of regular fantasy football isn’t as good as playoff fantasy, but I personally like the premise of the game itself (playoff fantasy) much better. Some of my friends and I did a draft last night, so I’ll take you through how we did it using the numbers we did for positions (any league can choose whatever they want for numbers of positions on each team). Here’s how it goes:

– For our league, each team chooses 2 QB’s, 4 Skill Players (RBs, WRs, TEs), and 1 Defense. Obviously another league can choose something like 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 Defense or anything like that… Completely varies based on the preferences of the peeps in the league

— The catch here is that you have to not only consider how many points you think that player is capable of putting up, BUT ALSO how many games that team will play in the playoffs/how far they will go in the playoffs. So ideally, the best choice would be a stud player from a wild card team that makes the super bowl. Not only is the player putting up good points each week, but their team is also playing the most games out of anyone in the playoffs… So you’re not only judging players, you’re also judging the success of the teams playing in the playoffs. Winner is decided by the most fantasy points after the playoffs are over … There are no matchups, no week-to-week games or point tallies – You are just simply totalling each team’s points at the end of the playoffs and determining who has the highest.

I’ll take you through my draft and what I think my chances are – Hopefully this will give you a better indicator of how it works/how fun it can be:

(Click on the link below to check out the rest)

Pick: 6th out of 6th (Hated this – really felt like I was limited with players not only for my first two back-to-back picks, but then my next 2 picks which were 10 picks later)

QB – Tom Brady (2nd Round) (QB Patriots)
– Team’s Seed: AFC #2 Seed … Will receive a BYE first round

QB – Drew Brees (4th Round) (QB Saints)

– Team’s Seed: NFC #6 Seed … Will play At Philadelphia in 1st Round

Skill 1 – Marshawn Lynch (1st Round) (RB Seahawks)
– Team’s Seed: NFC #1 Seed … Will receive a BYE first round

Skill 2 – Golden Tate (3rd Round) (Seahawks WR)
– Team’s Seed: NFC #1 Seed … Will receive a BYE first round

Skill 3 – Danny Amendola (6th Round) (Patriots WR)
– Team’s Seed: AFC #2 Seed … Will receive a BYE first round

Skill 4 – Steven Ridley (5th Round) (Patriots RB)
– Team’s Seed: AFC #2 Seed … Will receive a BYE first round

Defense – Green Bay Packers (7th Round)
– Seed: NFC #4 –> Face #5 49ers at Home 1st Round

For some reason a lot of people don’t fully know this or understand this, but after the 1st round of the playoffs the teams re-seed … So the 1st round bye teams can face a multitude of different teams depending on who wins this weekend … FYI

What are my chances? Ehhhh – not liking my chances… Not saying my guys are that bad – nearly anyone that’s a starter in these playoffs can be a valued member of the team … The biggest X-factor is whether or not your players are on contender teams…
– As you can see, I’m relying pretty heavily on the Patriots going deep into the playoffs … I have Tom Brady, Danny Amendola, and Steven Ridley …. I think Brady will get his even in a loss, but Amendola is always so banged up and Ridley is pretty hit or miss … I’ll need a couple games from the Patriots to get the numbers from them
– Also really confident in the Seahawks … I think here is where I have the best chance to win … I, along with many others, think Seattle is going to go far in the playoffs, but not a lot of players stick out on their offense… Their success is predicated mostly on their defense and imposing their will in that deafening stadium … My best chance is if the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl with a big couple of games from my guys Golden Tate and Marshawn Lynch. That could swing everything
– Can never count out Brees. I know he’s not the same on the road, but given what was available, that’s the best option

— Hope this draft gives you a good idea of how to pick a team … Like I said, you want to go for the best combination of player production and their team’s success in the playoffs … Pretty interesting game to play in my opinion because it means you need to be right in more than just picking your players


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