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Toronto Raptors to Hold “Drake Night” on January 11

On January 11, the Toronto Raptors plan to host “Drake night” against the Brooklyn Nets as part of a money-making “rebranding” initiative for next season. Drake won’t be there, but fans in attendance will receive a Raptors OVO-XO T-shirt and the players will be rocking gold & black jerseys for the game. Interesting move from the Raptors…

I personally don’t know enough about Drake’s relationship with the Raptors, but I know that he has even said recently that he jumped ship on the team after the days of Vince Carter & T-Mac … Can’t really blame the Raptors for trying to improve the team’s publicity and squeeze a little more money for themselves in the process, especially when it involves partnering with one of the biggest artists in the business. Drake’s also been a huge ambassador for the city of Toronto.

With that being said … Toronto fans, I wouldn’t be too confident that Drake is reciprocating his love for his hometown team . His crush may lie somewhere else …



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