HipHop x Sports

Wolf of Wall Street – Funniest movie I’ve seen in over a year

A little bit off the topic of sports or hip hop, but I thought I’d post this …. I highly recommend seeing this movie… Not only is it insanely entertaining, it is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in the long time. I was still laughing my ass off remembering some parts of the movie more than half way home

I initially was really skeptical of the movie. I thought it would be “tool-ish” and “douche-y” having been exposed to the “serious actor” Jonah Hill acting like an arrogant prick and not like the clown he really is. Not the best adjectives I could come up with, but I thought it would have given me the same feelings leaving the theater as I had after I saw “Project X” – just incredibly annoying for lack of a better word

But the specific type of humor in this movie is really refreshing … It’s got a ton of sarcastic humor and the characters in it are made fun of and deprecated the same amount as they are built up for becoming such huge bosses. It’s something that was totally unique to me – it’s really worth watching … HIGHLY recommend this movie


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