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NFL youcallit: Playoff Edition


NFL has been a lot of fun to watch this year. Some teams often considered as scrubs (panthers, chiefs, bengals). Finna be a sick playoff. NFL >> all

NFC Champ: Seahawks vs Panthers

These 2 teams have proved their conference dominance throughout the season. With home field, 49ers and saints wont be able to win a road game against one of these 2. Both franchises have a lot to prove. Winner: Seahawks. Too strong all around. Both teams flex great defenses, but the seahawks are better coached and have a more well rounded offense.

AFC Champ:  Patriots v Chargers

Without Von Miller, Broncos will fall back defensively and lose their divisional matchup whether it be colts, chargers, or whoever they get matched up against. Patriots will cruise cause the genius (Billy Belichich) wins in the playoffs. Winner: Patriots

Superbowl, super hoes, rappers on stroll: Patriots v Seahawks

Gonna be a great matchup. Im rooting for the Seahawks just cause I’m sick of the Patriots success. Seattle is built for a championship tho. You need a top defense to win a superbowl. Only ones that can do it are NFC teams. Top 3 defenses: Seattle, Carolina, SF.

SuperBowl Champ: Seahawks

Who do you think will win the superbowl?


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