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3 & Out: Candlestick Park


I’ve only been a 49er fan a few months (I’m not a bandwagon. I hate bandwagoners) but here are my thoughts:

1st Down: Candle Stick has had some very memorable games at this stadium. The niners dominated in the 80’s with Montanna/Rice/Lott. Ronnie Lott is a prime example of how playing defensive back used to be/should be, before the NFL became soft. Young DBs: Check out some Ronnie Lott highlights.

2nd Down: Candle Stick was an ugly ass stadium. It used to be shared with the giants until they moved in 2000.

3rd Down: The new 1.2 billi Levi Stadium will be located in Santa Clara which is 40 miles from SF, about an hour away. The farthest NFL stadium from its city. That’s so dumb. People complain about the Giants stadium being in NJ, but it is only 10 miles from Manhattan. This would be like moving the Giants or Eagles to Trenton or some shit. They should have demolished the stick and built a new stadium there. Played in Oakland for a few years or something. dumbass city officials.



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This entry was posted on 12/25/2013 by in NFL, Sports.
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